How to Sell Your Yeezy: Complete Yeezy Resell Guide

This is a complete guide on how to sell your Yeezy and where to sell it. Whether you are selling because you don't want your Yeezy anymore or you bought one purely for reselling purpose, this guide will help you out. Let's get going...

How to Prepare Yeezy for Sale

How to Prepare Yeezy for Sale
Before anything else, you need to prepare your precious Yeezy for sale. In order to have a higher chance of someone buying your Yeezy and for maximum profit, follow my selling prep tips below:

Description: Describe your Yeezy in as much detail as possible. You can come up with your own or you can search online for a general description and rephrase it but don't forget to add in style code and the shoe size. It would also be a smart strategy to highlight any imperfections in the Yeezy beforehand rather than disappointing the buyer later on.

Photo: Take good pictures of your Yeezy from as many angles as possible. No, you don't need to hire a professional photographer, you can simply take them with your mobile phone camera but do make sure that the room where you are taking the pictures is well lit. Also, keep the background as plain as possible. It is also advised that you take at least one shot of each, the sole, the profile shot, the tag, the receipt, the label and even the box. Add a handwritten note like “Owned by NAME Since DATE” along with it to prove you are a legit seller and that you just didn't "steal" the photo somewhere.

Condition: Describe the condition of the shoe precisely. Be honest and never lie here or you might land in trouble. Even if you have worn the sneaker for one time, mention it. If you have worn it a couple of times at home, you can consider it lightly used but if you have worn it on the field, mark it as heavily used. If they are beaten, you might be wasting your time trying to sell them.

Payment: To know the actual price of the Yeezy, search for the product online, add in a tidy profit and mention estimated shipping costs. If you have just bought a product and it's hyped, you can sell it quickly and earn good money. Don't wait too much or the hype might die.

If you are transacting through PayPal, you should receive the money as “goods or services,” as it will ensure PayPal's protection policy covers you for the full amount if you can produce a receipt or proof the item was shipped. This would be handy in situations like your buyer claiming that he/she didn't get the product (when he or she might have got it) or if he/she actually doesn't get it because it was lost in transit.

Shipping: It is a basic courtesy that you ship the order within 24 hours from the time the payment was completed. In case you want to ship later or earlier, talk to the buyer about when can you initiate shipping. The sooner, the better. If you haven't included shipping costs in the price of the product, make sure you agree on it with the buyer before shipping the Yeezy. While packing the sneakers, you should double box it and tape it in the right places. (Believe me, the courier guys would toss them like garbage in most cases)

How Much to Sell Yeezy?

How Much to Sell Yeezy
There's no clear cut answer to this question as it depends on many variables but here are some tips that should help you pricing your Yeezy:

- Check the original prize of the Yeezy, add shipping costs, the cut of a third party selling platform and a tidy profit to gauge the real value of the Yeezy.
- Make sure you are not asking too much as you might be left sitting (or rather standing) on the Yeezy.
- Do not lowball it too much because people might assume you are selling a fake.
- You can ask a higher prize if you are selling Yeezys that are no longer available, exclusive or it's really hyped.
- Reduce the price slightly if the Yeezy has been worn some or it has some imperfections.
- When using an auction site, choose the rock bottom price that you can deal with to make a fast sale.
- Accept different forms of payment and choose a platform that converts currency if you hope to sell internationally.
- Be ready to negotiate on the price you set because most people can't resist negotiation even when buying a limited-edition product. If you don't want to negotiate, mention that clearly in the advertisement/description, and stick to your word.

Where do you sell Yeezy?

Where to sell Yeezy
NOTE: The information and figures below are at the time of this writing. This info might have change since then.

eBay: eBay is one of the widest online marketplace because it has more than 160 million shoppers. This is the best e-commerce platform if you want to ensure that a lot of people see your Yeezy. You can list up to 150 items for free and pay just 10 percent when the Yeezy is sold if the value is less than USD 750. eBay also allows you to create your listing or does it for you by charging a small fee if you are too busy or want professionals to handle stuff like that. eBay is also awesome because it provides the option of fixed-price or auction sale.

StockX: Stockx is a bid-ask auction website where you can list your product and sell it quickly. As the website prefers authentic and unused products that are quickly shipped to the buyer, be ready to face a penalty if you don't ship within two business days or you are selling a fake. They have experts who check Yeezy from top to bottom for authenticity.

GOAT: GOAT is the place to be if you want to sell your Yeezys quickly as buying and selling can be done via mobiles (who doesn't have one of those?). It has a simple process, you list the product, send it to GOAT experts for authenticity check. When it's sold and they'll ship it to your customer. The chances of getting listed as a seller are quite low as they filter every applicant thoroughly. They also charge a minimum 9.5 percent commission that can go up to 20 percent if you don't have a good seller profile or reputation. So, be ready to follow a lot of rules when you sign up here.

Sole Supremacy: Sole Supremacy is another website where you can list your Yeezys and sell them safely. Another benefit of using this website is that they can buy your Yeezys at a reasonable price after thoroughly testing them for authenticity and save you from the hassle of finding and dealing with buyers. This is a good option if you want to sell a Yeezy without spending much time and still get a good price for it.

Flight Club: Fight Club is a good website to sell your Yeezys because they check every product before listing it and help you decide the price you can get for each product. When the product is sold, they cut you a check. The price of your Yeezy would depend on different factors like rarity, condition, size availability. It is also a good platform if you can't offer many payment methods to the buyers but want them to have that privilege.

Klekt: If you want to sell your Yeezys to international customers, Klekt is a good choice. It has access to 350, 000 worldwide sneaker lovers. It allows you to list your Yeezy for free and needs you to pay 8 percent of the sales value as fee (+ PayPal). This website also helps you to boost your listings by offering tools like Push to Top, Price Drop and Highlight. The commission value cannot exceed €49. Also, if you become a pro-seller you get some added advantages.

Grailed: Grailed, as the name suggests is a marketplace for selling exclusive men's items. Here you just have to pay 6 percent commission (plus PayPal fee) when you sell a product. Listing a product is totally free and you will be notified when a buyer asks a question or makes an offer. While listing products, do remember that it has key categories like Grailed (for luxury items), Hype (for streetwear and Yeezys), Sactorial (for high end classic menswear) and Core (for well-known mass market brands).

Reddit sneakermarket: If you want to sell your Yeezy by talking directly to the buyer and increase your profits then Reddit is a good option. Here you can find a topic for everything under the sun, including Yeezys. You can comment on popular threads to make your products popular or start a conversation with interested buyers. If you cannot find a specific thread, you can start your own thread and find buyers. In case both these strategies don't garner results, you can post paid ads to catch the attention of buyers. Be careful about how much you spend on these ads and don't overdo it.

Local Facebook Groups: There are many Facebook groups like Yeezy Talk Worldwide, Got Sole, Vegas Sneakerheads, etc. You can send feelers to your network to find someone who can invite you to these groups and sell your Yeezys there. It would cut the middleman, and you'll increase your profit margin. Try to get an invite to more product-specific groups if you want to meet legit buyers.

Craigslist: Another method of selling your Yeezys without paying any fees or commission is to use Craigslist. This is a good option if you wish to sell the Yeezy to a local and don't want to bother about shipping and such stuff. The only side effect of this method is that you might have to wait for people to respond for a couple of days at least. This is the best option if you have rare Yeezys because you might not have to wait for long in such cases.

8 Other Tips for Selling Yeezy

Tips for Selling Yeezy
1. Try to give as much information about the Yeezy as possible. If you can create a short FAQ so that buyers don't bother you with the frequently asked questions about packaging, shipping, authenticity, etc.
2. Search for real or fake Yeezy guides available on the internet. It will help you prove that you are selling a legit Yeezy.
3. Use the power of social media and sell via Instagram or Twitter by using hashtags like #OriginalYeexyXXModel #YeezyForSale #RareUnUsedYeezyForSale, etc. Be innovative and sell it to a friend of a friend of a friend.
4. Never stock too many Yeezys at once if you are new in the game because the hype for these dies pretty quickly and you might end up with many pairs that nobody wants to buy.
5. Learn to sell before the Yeezy even reaches you by providing the invoice as proof. This trick works best when you become a Pro seller, and people trust your authenticity.
6. Target young people as generation Y and Z is crazy for these sneakers and can pay a bundle for exclusive or limited-edition products.
7. After you have added your Yeezy to every possible platform, you should learn to be patient. Don't expect buyers to crowd you in a jiffy or show that you are desperate unless you are willing to reduce the price.
8. Keep up with Yeezy terminologies like DS – Deadstock, LE – Limited Edition, VNDS – Very Near Deadstock, PE – Player Exclusive and OG – Original so that you don't sound like clueless when a buyer asks about whether you have an LE Yeezy or not.

Think you can remember all these pointers? :) There are a lot of buyers out there waiting for your Yeezy and they'll pay good money if you prove you're a legitimate seller as well as the authenticity of your Yeezy. Just put in some work and you'll be rewarded. Feel free to contact me me if you have questions. Good luck!