Legit Yeezy Sellers Online

Having bought and sold many Yeezys (and sneakers in general) for many years and being active in the sneakers head community online and offline, I have dealt with many LEGIT Yeezy sellers. Below I list all these authentic Yeezy sellers so you don't have to worry about buying the fake ones and scammers!

Legit Yeezy eBay Sellers
Seller Name eBay Store Name Store Link
#1 vipexclusives vipexclusives Visit store
#2 croatianstyle croatianstyle Visit store
#3 stripecenter stripecenter Visit store
#4 thecoolshoeshine coolshoeshinedotcom Visit store
#5 9am6pm 9am6pm Visit store
#6 sneakerchamps SneakerRestock Visit store
#7 pondon pondon Visit store
#8 solesupremacysales Sole Supremacy's Visit store

* Can I buy Yeezy from other eBay sellers? You can but I would be more on the cautious side. Ask for a "legit check" on reddit, forums, etc. before buying and do some research on the seller if you can.

How do I know these eBay sellers are legit? Check their eBay feedbacks/ratings. They have many positive reviews. You can also search them online and you will see they have many happy customers. I have bought some from these sellers as well with positive experienced :)

Legit Yeezy Resellers & Marketplace

The websites below are either online marketplace type websites or resellers that sells authentic Yeezy. They authenticate the items before putting them on the market as well.

Website Name Description
solesupremacy.com Popular reseller website with good price. Also on eBay!
stockx.com A "stock market" style sneakers marketplace.
goat.com An app based buy and sell sneakers. For iOS and Android.
flightclub.com Lots of high-quality footwear and apparel for sale.

* Why are Yeezy expensive on resell websites? They are expensive because they sell these items to make a profit (ie. it's their business). That's why I persobally prefer eBay as prices are more affordable.

Authorized Yeezy Sellers

If you want to buy Yeezy at retail price (especially the newly release one) then the websites below are your choice. Of course, there's a good chance of it being sold out as most of them are gone by drop day (ie. day of release). If they are sold out, your only choice of sellers are the one I listed above.

Website Name Description
footlocker.com One of the global leader in athletic footwear and apparel.
champssports.com Subsidiary of Foot Locker. Sports apparel, sneakers etc.
eastbay.com Another athletic gear company part of the Foot Locker fam.
adidas.com/yeezy The official online store of Yeezy from the Adidas website.

* Want to cop the new Yeezy release on drop day? These are the websites where you can buy them online or in the actual store. Check out my How to Cop Yeezy guide for more info.

Hope this list helps you out. I also recommend reading my Where to Buy Yeezys Online guide for more details and buying tips. If you have any other Yeezy buying related questions, feel free to contact me.