Where to Buy Authentic Yeezys Online and Avoid Fakes!

Want a pair of Yeezy but don't know where to buy them and which sellers to trust? Read this detailed guide on how you can get your hands on a pair of original Yeezys from different legit sellers. I also offer useful buying tips and advice in order to avoid being scam.

eBay (Legit Yeezy Sellers)

eBay Yeezy
Known for offering second-hand goods, eBay is one of the best source to find and buy legit Yeezys without the high profit margin from resellers. Here you can buy pre-owned, new with tags (or without), sparingly used or heavily used Yeezys. Just remember one thing, make SURE you are only buying from LEGIT Yeezy sellers on eBay!

Here are proven legit Yeezy eBay sellers: vipexclusives, croatianstyle, stripecenter, thecoolshoeshine, 9am6pm, sneakerchamps, pondon, solesupremacysales

Tips for Buying Yeezy from eBay

Buying from the legit sellers I mentioned above should avoid the risk of buying fakes, but what if you want to buy from different eBay sellers? Here are a few tried and tested tips:

- Make sure the listing include high-quality photos in different angles so you have an idea what the shoes exactly look like.
- Carefully read the listing description and it should include detailed information like model, size, colorway, condition etc.
- Check the seller profile and read the feedbacks. Make sure the reviews are positive especially when it comes to Yeezy.
- Try to do some research on the seller and see if the seller has a positive history. A simple Google search for "does "username" sell legit Yeezy" might give you some results.
- Ask for a "legit check" in social media platform like reddit, FB group etc. or ask if any other users have purchased anything from this seller before.
- Message the seller if you have any questions or concerns about the listing.
- Read my How to spot Fake Yeezy article. It should help you in some way spotting the fakes.

Online Website Resellers & Marketplace

Yeezy Resellers and Marketplace
Another option other than eBay are reseller websites and online marketplace. The upside is, these websites usually authenticate the shoes before putting them on the market so you can be sure you're buying an authentic one. The downside is, the prices are usually a lot more expensive compare to eBay.

StockX: StockX is the world's first stock market for things. It's a live bid/ask marketplace where you as a buyer can place bids while sellers place asks. In cases where the bid and ask are exactly the same, the transaction will happen automatically. No human intervention is needed to make sure a bid matches the right asking price.

GOAT: App based marketplace. Dedicated only to selling the coolest sneakers! GOAT is one of the best option for you to buy Yeezys. Here you can find new and rare Yeezys. You can also sell a pair of sneakers if you wish. It's avaiable for both iOS and Android.

Sole Supremacy: Another reseller / consignment you can trust to provide you with authentic Yeezys is Sole Supremacy. These guys have been online for a while now and one of the most reputable resellers online. They also have an eBay page.

Flight Club: Another great Yeezy reseller but the prices are usually pretty steep. They sell many brands not just Yeezy and stock products for men, women, and kids. Nice looking website too.

NOTE: Grailed and Reddit below are user submitted marketplace so BE SURE to "legit check" and research before buying!

Grailed: Made for men who like to shop quality products, Grailed is another reseller you can check out while hunting for Yeezys. Here you can not only get your hands on the sneakers you like but can also refresh your wardrobe by picking the products you like from loads of apparels, footwear, and accessories.

Reddit sneakermarket: User submitted marketplace. Different brands of hyped and hard to find sneakers including Yeezy of course. Make sure do to your own homework and make sure the seller is reputable before buying here. The subreddit is heavily moderated but still be wary of scammers and fakes.

Tips for Buying Yeezy from Resellers and Marketplace

Yeezy Buying Tips Resellers and Marketplace
As with my eBay buying tips above. Here are some other tips when it comes to buying from resellers and online marketplace.

- Buy from reputable resellers only with great reviews and history online. The one I listed above are great.
- Make sure they authenticate the items before they sell them so you don't have to worry about fakes. A lot of resellers do this so why bother with the ones that don't.
- Find out their refund or return policy just in case you need to return your Yeezy for whatever reason. Note: Most have a strict policy on this.
- Find out shipping logistics. As with other things you buy online -- find out shipping cost, if they ship to your country and how long it will take to ship.
- Make sure you can easily reach them by email, phone or social media. Don't hesitate to ask questions before buying if you have any concerns.
- Shop for the best price. There's a lot of buy/sell marketplace online so it's a competitive market. Check out a few of them and see where you can find the best deal.

Authorized Yeezy Sellers

Yeezy Sellers
Authorized sellers are physical or online stores that sell Yeezy for retail price. This is of course the best place to buy Yeezy as there's no markup and you definitely don't have to worry about buying fakes. The only issue is, most Yeezy are sold quickly on release day so once they are all gone then you're out of luck. If you don't end up copping one on release day then your only choice are the resell market or wait for a restock.

Footlocker: If you are looking for Yeezys and other athletic products, then Footlocker is a safe bet. Shop online or visit one of their retail store.

Champs Sports: A Subsidiary of Foot Locker with online store and retail stores in many different countries. Another great place to grab a new Yeezy.

Eastbay: Founded in 1980, Eastbay has been helping sports enthusiasts for their athletic gear needs. You can buy Yeezy here and other sporting gears.

Adidas Official Website: The official Adidas store where you can buy Yeezy and other popular Adidas sneakers like the NMD and Ultra Boost.

Tips for Buying Yeezy from Authorized Sellers

Yeezy Buying Tips
Here are some tips when it comes to buying from these online/retail stores:

- Follow their social media accounts so you can be up to date with the most recent news and Yeezy release date.
- Don't limit yourself to their online store. If there's a physical store near you (ie. Foot Locker or Champs) then go visit their store!
- Read my How to Cop Yeezy guide for valuable information and tips on how to buy Yeezy on drop day.
- If you end up buying a Yeezy then make sure to keep the receipt, box, tags etc. just in case you need to resell them or planning to resell them in the future. Read my How to Sell Yeezy guide.

Okay, I know that's a lot of information to take in but you must remember it's all necessary stuff if you don't want to end up with a fake Yeezy! If you still need help with any Yeezy buying related questions, don't hesitate to contact me.